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For Shami the last four or five hours  had been brutal. Amrit Patel a young painter had come all the way from Ahmedabad to exhibit his paintings and Shami was busy arranging them. He was focusing    lights. Cleaning up the whole place and chatting to Prospective buyers.
So when we sattle down to talking inside the brightly lit rectangular room among amrit patels’s canvases and over some good whisky .it is quite late slightly  cold outside .Shami Mandiratta is walking the memory lane.
The moment Shami starts meditating that photographer friend of his from bombay switches on a discussion on color scheme .He leaves at 10 sharp .but the interview is not even half way through .we have one more quick gulp for a stateement that Shami is a middle class gallery owner with no big money to support him.The last one year was terribly bad sales wise and but for wife Mini’s art shop at Akber Hotel they would have been broke.


Shami Mendiratta is a different kind of Gallery man and that is why we picked on him. He was exposed to naked life in Bombay – to the Arabian Sea. To the city’s skyscrapers and to its harsh poverty . He was uncle pat’s apprentice in “Desing ” Magazine and wide circle of painters He found their life Exciting. He wanted To make his own exciting

At 9 a.m he comes ti bus gallery makes a couple of phone cell to know which painter is in town and tins his prospective buyers mostly from the Diplomatic Enclave.

Before noon on his bike he pushed off to connaught place to know what is happening in the outside world. you see him innthe coffee houses in and around  connaught place with artists friend planind for thier future exibhition.

Afternoon at 2 he is black in gallery .the whole evening is spent there with buyers .drafting his corresponding and typing them thrse day as a sign of prosperty .he is got one peon .Sometime he site late into the night when journalist friend like him brother him .But otherwise he goes by eight has a wash and rechesh Akbar hotel where his wife Mini runs an art shop their main source of income.

Shami says that this sort of life has shatterd his familiy life  .He doesnot get time to kid with his children.

MINI MENDIRATTA (also known as Minalini Singh)

Lakhoon KI Baat…


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